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UK2 Gathers: A Players Guide

I've written a quick guide to help those players unfamilure with a UK2 gather get going and start playing in them. Gathers are open to all players of any level of play.

What is a Gather?
A gather is a group of players getting together (gathering) to play on two teams against each other for a specified number of rounds.

How do rounds work in a gather?
A UK2 Gather will be in the format of either a 30 or a 24 round game. These are split by having 'halfs'. What this means is that each team will play as both terrorists and counter-terrorists within the 30 or 24 rounds of the game. You get a shot at playing both side basicaly.

I've joined the server, now what?
Have a few warm up rounds, the gather admin will be setting up the server configuration and making sure all players are able to connect ok. use this time to sort out tactics and make sure you voice communication (if you have it) works ok. Once everyone has joined you will be asked by the gather admin if you are ready, if you arn't ready let the gather admin know and he/she will wait until you are.

Which side do I go first then?
In order to determine which side the teams begin the game on you have a knife round. During this round you must only use your knife to kill your opponents on the opposite team, if you are a terrorist and have the bomb you must drop the bomb at your spawn point. You can do this by selecting the bomb and pressing "G" by defualt. The team that wins the knife round will then choose which side they wish to play first, either terrorist or counter-terrorist.

So they won knives and decided they want to be terrorists?
Now you must change sides along with your team mates to the counter-terrorist side, this works both ways, so if they wanted to be counter-terrorists you would change your team to terrorist as soon as they have specified which side they want.

Now what?
Now the gather admin will begin the game, the server will restart the round 3 times, after the 3 restart the gather will be LIVE. Being Live means that any scoring from that point on will be put towards the end total. Now, if you are playing a 30 round game, you will play 15 rounds, after which you will change side. The gather admin will take a note of the first round score. Lets say for example terrorists scored 10 and counter-terrorists scored 5, this makes 15 rounds altogther, everyone changes sides and play until the game has been won, that is one side has scored 16 or more.

So they won, can I leave before all 30/24 rounds have been played?
Yes. Once the game has been won both sides normaly comment on a good game and play for a few more rounds. Some games will go the full amount of rounds, a close game or just a great map/atmosphere will keep many players playing. This is fine also.

I killed my teammate, will I get into trouble?
If it was an honest mistake apologise to them at the earliest time avaliable, say sorry and it won't be a problem, more than likely the rest of the players will get a laugh out of it, its something that happens so don't worry about it.

How do I find out when a gather is on or who my teammates are?
The only way to be sure of knowing when a gather is on is to use IRC or internet relay chat. To find out how to get into the uk2 and uk2gather channels look here

OK, i'm in #uk2gather, now what?
A gather admin, player admin or head admin may start a gather at any time. They will use the command @gatherchan on. This will change the topic of the channel showing details of the games and who has joined the gather already. By defualt there are 10 spaces in a gather, 5 players per team. Now this is important, before saying you want to join the gather make sure you have read ALL the details of the game, make sure you are happy with: the map, friendly fire being on or off, the amount of rounds to be played and any weapon restrictions that are in effect. If you are happy with everything and wish to join the type @addme this will add your name to the gather.

Once 10 people have added you will recieve a private message from the gather bot telling you what team you are on, either A or B, your teammates names, the server IP and the server password. From this moment you are free to join the server and begin your warmup. As soon as you get on the server change your name rekative to your team. E.G. if the bot told me im on team b I would change my name to b.HUNT.

I messed up and can't play, what do I do?
If you are in #uk2gather you can type @removeme which will take your name off the playing list. This will cause some comments to be said from other members and can be annoying if it is used too often. If you have an honest reason to leave, apologise and it will be fine.

If you are in the server and playing and you must leave, alert the gather admin and apologise to your teammates, a replacement will be found.

General Do's and Dont's
DO: Have fun and enjoy it, its a game and shouldn't be taken to seriously. Have a laugh with your fellow players and don't take any comments too seriously.
DO: Play as a team, it's a lot more fun this way and you will benefit from playing together.
DO: Respect others on the server, friendly banter is always welcome but don't make comments/remarks which could offend.
DO: As the gather,player,head admin sais. You will never be asked to do something unreasonable so please obey thier instructions, it will be for the good of the gather.

DON'T: Cheat, its just asking for trouble, there will always be and admin presence in a gather.
DON'T: Get worked up because there is someone on your team not as capable a player as you are. Instead offer helpfull suggestions and help them out during a game. Any ganging up/abusing less able players will make sure that you'r not be invited back.
DON'T: Deliberatly kill/hurt your teammates, it won't get you anywhere.
DON'T: Leave the server without letting the gather admin know what the problem is, this will disrupt the flow of the game.
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/me gives +ve rep to el`HuntzoR

EDIT: well it would appear that i need to spread the love around before i can give you anymore :s


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following in the footsteps of Steve, +rep for you.

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UK2 Gathers A Players Guide

the point of the current system is so its not based on how long you play, its based on skill.

so the ranks fluctuating like they are is a good thing, because more people can fight for the top
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"I've joined the server, now what?
Have a few warm up rounds, the gather admin will be setting up the server configuration"

I remember that bit ... 'Give Duffs NoClip and play peek-a-boo'
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