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I have a demo, now what?

- If you wish to report a player, and have a demo, including at least a status (sb_status preferred), then read on.

First of all thanks for taking the time to report a player, its people like you that really give us the edge in our quest for outstanding game play.

If you wish to report a player that has been cheating or team killing you will need the following:

1. The player’s name, and STEAMID
2. A demo of the users along with a screenshot and possible a Condump (instructions at the bottom of this thread)

You then need to submit the above to an admin via IRC.

- Additional Information

Getting yours or another persons STEAM_ID:

To get your STEAM you need to type STATUS into your console while in a game, this will bring up a rather untidy list of names and numbers, the format of the data is the following:

Player name---ID---STEAM_ID----xxxx

The STEAMID is STEAM_ followed by a serie of numbers. A complete STEAMID will look like this: STEAM_0:1:23436. This method can be used to retrieve other peoples STEAMIDS also.

Recording a Demo:

A demo will record everything you see in a game to a file on your hard drive, to record a demo type the following into your console:

recorddemo demoname


Type STOP in the console to finish recording your demo. This will then save a file named demoname.dem to your /cstrike directory.

To playback a demo simply type playdemo demoname.dem in your console, you will then see everything saw in that game.

If you wish to submit a demo you must use a compression utility such as winzip, available from to compress the file to make it suitable for transfers across the Internet. Demos cannot be uploaded to servers you must user your own host, or register with a company that offers free web space, then place a link in the format shown above to your demo file.

Taking Screenshots:

By default the F5 key is bound to take screenshots, although you will need to check your options to see if this has changed. For reporting purposes you must have your console open with the status command results table listed when you take a screenshot, this ensures that the STEAMID you supplied us is correct for that player, and demo.
UPDATE: because the console is now a seperate window you will need to TYPE "snapshot" in console in order to get a screenshot of the console (with the STEAMID's)

Screenshots are saved in your /half-life or /cstrike folder as Bitmaps (*.BMP), to enable them to be transferred over the Internet you must convert these to JPEG images, which will reduce the file size by up to 90%. As with demos you must also upload this to your own web space.


These are usually necessary if you are reporting an abusive player, it will basically dump everything in your console to a file names condump.txt in your /half-life or /cstrike folder. To use condump, simply type condump into your console. Then link to it as mentioned above.

Following these instructions will aid us in dealing with your request in a more timely manner, I stress again that abusive posts will not help your situation - and we know if you have been banned or abused you will be unhappy about it, but we are here to help you.

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