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(Guide): So, you want to try out this World of Warcraft thing...

So... you've no doubt heard of this World of Warcraft thing by now, it looks interesting but you're not too sure you want to give it a go, there are monthly subs and you don't know if you'd enjoy it anyway. Well I'm writing this in the hope I'll entice a few people into trying it out for free.

First things first: I want to try WoW, but I don't want to pay for it. How do I do this?

The page you're looking for is here. Click download, then "create your free trial account". Follow through all the steps, write down your account info if you don't think you'll remember it. It should be noted that, unlike some mmorpgs, your account name and the eventual names of your characters are not related, so you can pick anything. You'll eventually get to a download. It's very small (roughly 1mb). This is, needless to say, not the game, but the application that downloads it. Techy bit: it uses the BitTorrent protocol to download the game (although you can opt for a potentially slower http download). If you don't have a router, skip this bit and jump to the next paragraph. If you know a fair bit about routing and port forwarding (or consider yourself technically able), you'll need to forward ports: 3724, 6112 and 6881-6999 for TCP and UDP to get maximum potential speed. If that doesn't make much sense, have a look at this page, locate your router (or the closest model), then click "world of warcraft downloader" for a simple walk through. Alternatively, you can disable p2p within the downloader's options menu, although I would strongly recommend getting the ports forwarded, as at peak times (especially when a large patch has just been released), http downloads can be a bit slow.

Downloading? Well you can watch the bar or wander off/do something else for a few hours 'till it's done. Don't worry if you disconnect, the downloader will continue where it left off. When it's done, install World of Warcraft, follow the steps through. Launch the game when prompted, enter your account info. You'll probably have a few of the most recent patches to get through (each time restarting the client - though they're pretty small), until you see (correct at time of writing) installed. Now you're ready to play!

So, what the hell do you do? Well, you are someone - like in a lot of games, you take control of the actions of a character. Your objective... well, you set your own depending on how you want to play. When you start, you're level 1. You're pretty much nothing, you don't know very much, nobody has a clue who you are and you're all but dressed in rags. These are all things you do not want to be. So you step out into the world and start influencing things - help out some people with simple tasks around the place, kill a few wandering beasts, all of these things gain you experience. When you gain a certain amount of experience (shown on the bar above your action bar), you'll reach level 2. At level 2, you can learn new skills, new attacks, you'll become stronger, faster, tougher and more intelligent. The amount of experience you require to level gets exponentially more, but you'll notice that the quests you complete and the enemies you kill also give you a lot more experience. Quests and enemies also get a lot tougher as the game progresses. In the full game, the maximum level you can currently reach is 60 in the original game, 70 if you also own the expansion pack "The Burning Crusade". In the trial version you're limited to level 20, but Unless you play a lot, on a first character, you'll do well to reach this within the 10 day trial.

Your main objective is to reach level 70 then? Well... sort of. Getting to level 70 is a pretty big goal, but there are lots of other things you can do along the way; getting a reputation with different factions (be it good or bad), killing exceptionally tough bosses (normally in groups with other people's characters - up to 40 for especially tough enemies such as dragons), becoming the master of killing other real players, and so on. There is no specific main objective set, you play how you want to play and things will generally fall into place as you go.

So... who can you be? What choices are there? Well, there are 10 different races (two only for owners of The Burning Crusade) and 8 different "classes". These races form two "teams", the alliance: Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, Gnomes, Draenei VS The Horde: Orcs, Trolls, Undead, Tauren and Blood Elves. These teams or factions fight eachother in PvP (Player versus Player) combat and will not assist each other in PvE (Player versus Environment - IE comptuer controlled enemies). Once you have picked a race and class for your character, there's no going back.

When you first connect and are offered a choice of realms, select "The Venture Co (RPPvP)" from the list. You'll need to create a horde character to be able to communicate and play within the community guild. You'll then need to pick your appearance and, most importantly your class.


Warrior: Warriors are strong, tough, very angry and as a rule, not too bright, but that's okay because they can hit stuff hard 'till it dies damn well. Warriors are an almost pure combat class with no magic abilities. They fight with great honour at close range, no underhanded tactics. Warriors wear mail armour until level 40, at which point they become able to learn a skill allowing them to use plate. They can use every type of weapon be it 1 handed, 2 handed or ranged in the game with the exception of wands. Warriors build up rage while in combat and spend it to perform moves. This rage does not last long when out of combat, however. For anyone who's played MMORPGs before, Warriors are the main tanking class.

Rogues: Rogues are fast, agile, sneaky and evil combat fighters. Rogues are capable of becoming invisible, allowing them to sneak around and ultimately get in the first (very unpleasant) hit in most situations. Unlike warriors, rogues are far from honourable, they pickpocket, they pick locks, they poison, preferring to attack from behind for huge damage. Rogues will do just about anything to gain the upper hand in a fight, no matter how unscrupulous. One of the most damaging classes in the game, but certainly a glass cannon, rogues can inflict massive and crippling damage to an enemy, but are themselves fairly fragile... the assassins of World of Warcraft. Rogues combat currency is energy, it starts at max (normally 100), goes down every time you perform a move and very quickly goes up again. Rogues are capable of dual wielding (IE one weapon in each hand): daggers, swords, maces. Rogues wear leather armour throughout the game.

Priests: Priests are the holy men and women of WoW. Priests are the very best healers of in the game, capable of healing wounds and resurrecting the dead, but at the expense of their healing power can become exceptional damage do-ers as well. They are, however a very tricksey class and therefore not ideal for a beginner.

Mages: A mage is an elemental sorcerer, capable of hurling balls of fire and ice and hapless foes at a huge distance. Mages deal extreme damage at great range and can also turn foes into farmyard animals (partly to take them out of combat, largely for a giggle). They're also capable of conjuring food and water which restore their health and mana, saving your cash. Mages are the second most damaging class in the game (next to rogues), but are capable of dealing damage to multiple enemies at once, which can sometimes turn the damage in their favour. They're more fragile than rogues as cloth wearers, but also fight at range, meaning they spend less time in combat. Mages do not carry weapons intended for hand to hand fighting.

Hunters: Hunters are expert marksmen, trackers and woodsmen. Hunters are perfectly in tune with nature, able to read their surroundings to gather information about their nearby foes. Hunters are excellent snipers dealing heavy damage at great ranges with bows and guns, while also being surprisingly capable at hand to hand fighting. They're also able to tame a beast as their pet, this pet will befriend the hunter and fight for him or her. It's the norm for the pet to hold the target in combat while the hunter attacks at range. Hunters are certainly one of the easiest classes to play and therefore an excellent first choice. Hunters wear leather armour to level 40 when they become able to upgrade to chain mail. Hunters are able to use most weapons in the game with the exception of wands and maces.

Warlocks: Warlocks are evil spell casters. Masters of demonology, shadow and fire magics, warlocks afflict their target with curses and plagues that eat away at their health over time. Warlocks are able to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, making them flee. They also command demons which will assist them in battle in a variety of ways. While not normally quite as damaging as mages, the Warlock's forte is cursing enemies multiple times then leave them be robbed of their life while requiring no input from the player. Warlocks, while an exceptionally powerful class are a very complicated to play, so likely not a great choice for first time players, certainly not first time MMORPGers.

Shaman: Shaman are tribal healers, capable of summoning totems and elementals to fight for them. Shaman are a utility classes, meaning they have no specific role they must stick to but can fulfil many. Shaman can heal as well as doing some heavy damage with spells and in combat. Shamen can use most one handed (and some two handed weapons), use leather armour up to level 40 and chain mail after that. Shamen are very easy to play and thus a good first choice for a character.

Paladins: Paladins are holy knights, followers of god and all that is good. Paladins are a hybrid class, they can do some okay combat damage, heal and absorb damage for their allies. Paladins are a very easy class to play, thus a good first class for any player. Paladins wear mail armour up to level 40, plate after that and can wield most weapons (although it must be noted that paladins are the only primary combat class who cannot dual wield weapons).

Druids: Druids are the final utility class. Like Shamen and Paladins, they're capable of dealing some heavy damage, the ability to taunt enemies into focusing on them instead of weaker allies and the ability to heal wounds. The difference, however, is that druids are shapeshifters, each with their own weaknesses and strengths. Druids in humanoid form are like bit like priests, healers, capable of ranged damage. They're also able to change to bear form making them like a warrior - heavy hand to hand damage, difficult to hurt, or a cat - which makes them like a rogue, huge damage against a single target and capable of becoming invisible. They're not necessarily quite as efficient as these classes, but their main advantage is in that they can change form at will, making them extremely versitile.

It's a good idea to look through, see what sort of player you want to be... be it only fighting in hand to hand, fighting at range with weapons or magic, or combining them all. After you've decided how you'd like to play, it's time to pick a race. Not all classes are available to all races, so always pick a class first as it's the main thing that'll influence the experience you'll have. Choose your character's appearance, name (must be unique and something not relating to modern day or plain stupid). Create your character, enter the world and watch the intro. Time to start exploring!

That's more or less everything you'll need to know within the scope of this guide, but I'll just throw in a few extra useful hints:

People with a yellow ! over their heads have a quest for you.

People with a white ! over their heads will have a quest for you within the next 1-2 levels (so remember to come back)

People with a yellow ? over their heads finish a quest you've already completed

People with a white ? over their heads finish a quest you've not yet completed

At level 2 you'll get a quest that will take you to your class trainer. At even levels (IE 2, 4, 6, 8 etc) and some odd levels between 60 and 70 you'll learn new abilities, moves, spells etc and these can be taught by your class trainer. There are class trainers for different classes in most cities and certain other places around the world.

You may learn two primary professions out of:

Jewelcrafting (burning crusade only)

And as many secondary professions as you like out of:

First Aid

It's a good idea to learn professions early and start working on them as you play. Certain professions compliment eachother:

Herbalism and Alchemy
Mining and Blacksmithing
Mining and Engineering
Mining and Jewelcrafting
Enchanting and Tailoring
Skinning and Leatherworking

Be sure to take first aid as it's extremely useful.

And that's about it! Have fun playing, good luck.

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Excellent guide!

Although for the warlock, I wouldnt say its *overly* complicated. It was my first character and I found it quite easy. I would imagine it does get more complicated in end game raids and such where you have to distribute stones, creates soul wells etc. And also possible in solo play against multiple mobs, managing your pet aggro, DoTs, Fears etc.
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Aye, but if you've not mastered your class by at latest level 40, then methinks you're in the wrong sport.

I'll ready through the guide when I gots some free minutes - maybe I'll learn something.
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That guide will help me learn from the start.

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not able to play either CS or BF2142 due to ping, I'll give it a try
Although I'll not meet you too often, guys . me have +7 hours

Originally Posted by Greydragoness
Hey, I'm a girl and i play Wow. Can't find a decent guy to play Wow with. there was one guy, but it didnt work out, he was allience and I am horde.

Originally Posted by RichMartel
well, thats a given. i mean, what self-respectin' alliance guy would go out with a horde character.... LOL jk i'm sorry it didn't work out, i hope you find a decent guy.
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Originally Posted by Dratew View Post
not able to play either CS or BF2142 due to ping, I'll give it a try
Although I'll not meet you too often, guys . me have +7 hours
There is usually a few online most of the time,from 7.00 in the morning through till about 3 or 4 the next morning

ADDICTS! i tell thee....
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