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those trousers are wrong on so many levels I find it hard to know exactly where to begin... however I will make a start...

too many patterns & colours - first mistake of a hippy.

the cut - they don't seem to be particularly well cut, & I'm not sure they'd make anyone look good, or show off your best bits.

the continental weightlifter look - I thionk it's widely acknowledged that looking like a german bodybuilder circa 1983, is not a look currently admired by the laadiies...

for now that's what I can manage, however I'm sure I can come up with another 5 reasons if you'll just bear with me!


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“If these are the early days of a better nation, there must be hope, and a hope of peace is as good as any, and far better than a hollow hoarding greed or the dry lies of an aweless god.”—Graydon Saunders
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