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Gaming fundraiser

Hello there everyone,

I'll try and be brief. A friend of mine from a different forum has spent the last few weeks diligently working on what will, hopefully be a very successful fund raiser for cancer research UK, a cause we're both very passionate about for various reasons.

Here's the idea:

There will be a tournament going ahead on a Saturday in August, we're not quite sure which one yet but details to follow. The game will be soldat which is 100% free to download and play. This will not be in any way shape or form a serious tournament, probably a given as the first prize is these lovely trousers. Needless to say, people will not be playing for the prizes. The entry fee is a minimum of £5, £10 recommended (very roughly €10 and €20 respectively) but more is very welcome. People are allowed to donate without playing, however if people are a bit "umm, well I'd like to play but I'm going to suck..." don't worry, so is pretty much everyone else! At a rough estimate, less than 20% of the people from the various forums taking part in this will in fact have played Soldat before.

So, that's about it, it is an extremely good cause, so I'm hoping at least a few people here will put in some dosh and we'll all have a bit of fun on the day at how bad we are . If you're willing to donate and/or play, please see:

and donate with a name we can recognise you by, also saying here you've donated so you can be added to the master list of who may turn up on the day.

Players thus far:


Many thanks,


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